Pepper Spice Drop™


About Pepper

Black Pepper come from a tropical vine, peppercorns are the berries from the vine and have a warm pungent flavour and are hot taste. Peppercorns stimulate the digestive juices and increases the appetite as well as aiding digestion.

  • Use a drop in marinades and sauces, or add a drop to your marinade before grilling your food
  • Make a creamy peppercorn sauce by adding a drop to cream and butter.
  • Enhance wafer thin slices of smoked salmon with a dressing combining a drop of black pepper with olive oil.
  • Bring out the flavour of strawberries with a drop of black pepper spice drop mixed with some Balsamic vinegar.

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Product Description

100% Natural Spice Extract
No more crushing or grinding
Has a shelf life of two years
Consistent Flavouring
Easy to Store, Refrigeration not required




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